About the book

The content of this resource was specifically chosen and constructed to affirm in Jewish youth a sense of pride of Israel and to also serve as an ambassador for Israel’s uniqueness and role as a benefactor to non-Jewish communities throughout the world. With constant focus on tying the subject to the larger world, ISRAEL – Repairing the World can help students gain a complete understanding of the importance of Israel’s achievements around the globe.

Written for young readers, (Reading Level – Gr. 4, Interest Level – Gr. 3-7 ), the subject matter is explained in simple, easy-to-understand language. The book provides an abundance of informative and interesting information on Israel’s land, history, breakthrough discoveries and inventions in medicine, computer technology, telecommunications, agriculture, the harnessing of solar energy, and more. Other sections of the book describe Israel’s achievements in space research, in protecting its unique environment, and in providing humanitarian aid to people in need around the world. Young readers will also learn about the rich Israeli culture and popular tourist destinations Israel has to offer.

The entire book is full of colourful photographs – with captions that give almost as much information as the main text – that will inspire young readers to investigate the subject further.

The book is meant to provide a great source for recreational reading, as well as short research assignments, discussions, and sharing.

Table of contents

History of the Land and People

Education Above All – Sample Spread

Healing the World

Israeli Medicine Beyond Borders

Computer Technology

Connecting People – Sample Spread

Israel in Space

Making the Desert Bloom – Sample Spread

Power from the Desert – Sample Spread

Taking Care of the Environment

Rich Israeli Culture

Tourism in Israel

Reaching Out

Classroom support

Above all, ISRAEL – Repairing the World is designed to promote class discussion and to provide young students with a sound grasp of Israel’s role as a benefactor to the whole world.