Multimedia Enhanced iPad Version

iPad version of Israel-Repairing the World

Multimedia enhanced iPad app version available – get yours NOW!

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In this multimedia enhanced app, Rabbi Wise surveys Israel’s contributions, breakthrough discoveries, and inventions in medicine, computer technology, telecommunications, agriculture, the harnessing of solar energy, and more. The iPad version of this resource combines Rabbi Wise’s narrative with photographs, interactive maps, animations, and almost an hour of engrossing documentary footage.

The sophisticated multi-touch interface allows you to experience the content of the app seamlessly, access the table of contents from any page, and quickly browse through the spreads; tap on and explore every city with an interactive map, marvel at additional images and information in the book, and watch documentary videos narrated by Rabbi Wise.

ISRAEL–Repairing the World for iPad includes over 175 images and illustrations. Photographic images captured by some of the world’s finest photographers form the visual backbone of the resource. By depicting people and localities throughout Israel, the multitude of images brings the story to life and greatly enhances the reading experience.

The iPad resource contains 24 videos that provide almost an hour of educational documentary footage with compelling introductions to relevant breakthroughs and inventions of Israeli companies and their impact on countries around the globe. Narrated by Rabbi Wise, the videos include historical footage, explanatory animations, and stories that show how Israeli technologies are changing the world.

Sample Video: