Israel - Repairing the World

Present-day Israel is a modern country that leads the world in many ways. Over the years, Israeli companies have introduced innovations in the fields of medicine, agriculture, sports, culture, science, technology, and others, that have changed and improved the way people around the world live and connect with each other.

Education above all

Following the tradition of past generations, education in Israel is very important. Education is the key to the future. The graduates of Israeli schools and universities are producing the most advanced technologies in the fields of computers, telecommunication, medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology.

Connecting people

Israel is a world leader in providing communication technologies that connect people around the world. Motorola was one of the first global companies to open a research centre in Israel. The Israeli company Comverse developed the first Voicemail system. Today Comverse leads the world’s messaging market.

Making the desert bloom

Israeli scientists and farmers have always worked together on improving agricultural yields and quality. Israel’s experience with desert farming, desert fishing, limited freshwater supplies and the know-how of turning energy from the plentiful sunshine into much needed electricity helps people in dry regions around the world.

Reaching out

Israel has a long tradition of providing help to ease hunger, poverty, and disease in other countries. Israeli rescue teams are always ready to respond when natural or man-made disasters happen. Israeli innovations and technologies provide light, clean water, food and proper medical care to many thousands of people in Africa.

Ma tovu ohalekha Ya'akov, mishk'notekha Yisra'el.

– How lovely are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel! –
Just as true in present times, as it was in biblical times, perhaps even more so, it is hard to look at Israel without the feelings of awe over its many accomplishments in fields as diverse as agriculture, education, medicine, science, and technology. Despite its many enemies and its small size, Israel’s creative energy makes a huge contribution to the global marketplace and quality of life worldwide.
Rabbi Wise’s superbly written and attractively illustrated book shows why Israel ought to serve as an example to us all. Written for young readers, the subject matter is explained in simple, easy to understand language – despite its scientific complexity – supported by many colourful photographs.
  • Healing the World

    • Israel is a world leader in medicine. Scientists and doctors in Israel are always experimenting and inventing new medical devices and treatments. Israeli know-how and many innovations have made significant contributions to the field of medicine.
  • Hi-tech Israel

    • Everyday lives of people in the world are made better by high-tech Israeli products. Your computer probably has components that were designed in Israel. There are hundreds of Israeli and international hi-tech companies in Silicon Wadi, including Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Google, Cisco, and Motorola.
  • Teacher’s Resources

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  • Leading the World in water recycling

    • As the world’s leader in water recycling Israel recycles 75 percent of its waste water and sewage. As of 2010, 100 percent of the sewage from the Tel Aviv metropolitan area is treated. It is reused for watering the agricultural fields and public parks.
  • Watering plants – drip by drip

    • One of the most important innovations in farming is the Israeli invention of drip irrigation. Using drip irrigation technology helps grow more food with much less water. Israel’s experience with desert farming and limited freshwater supplies helps people in dry regions around the world.